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Here is How to Migrate Email Accounts and Existing emails from One cPanel to Another. Same as moving emails from one hosting provider to another. Most of us are familiar with moving websites but we always wonder how to move emails, users as well as their respective passwords from one cpanel account to another. This is necessary is you have lots of emails that you do not want to lose but yet you want to change servers. Mail Server Setup is done at the time of Installing cPanel itself, Only the thing which we have to look is the migration of Mail Accounts, user logins along with all mails (Inbox, sent, deleted etc.)
If you are going for a holiday or will be unavailable for few days or a month, you can create an auto email responder for your emails so that when people email you, they will receive an automated email with your message like I am on holiday, please email me in a few days' time.
Email Account Forwarders:
You can access your Email account directly from Webmail.
If you want to change the password of your email account, you can do this through the following steps:
To create a new email address, perform the following steps: