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Use WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform
The running a blog world has taken the web by storm. Learn this text to study why it's best to get began running a blog your self with top-of-the-line open-source blogging accessible: WordPress. We did compare WordPress to Blogger and it was little doubt as to who the winner was.
Making Your Wordpress Blog Spam-Proof
So long as there's Web advertising, there will likely be spam. A variety of it comes from abroad, however, a few of it's from individuals who simply do not know any higher. They study to go about doing issues the flawed manner, and a few of them can get into hassle, as with email spamming. However, the individuals who spam blogs, are by and enormous, simply losing their time.
Do you know there's a new open-source community project underway known as the WordPress Plugin Database, positioned at wp-plugins.web, which is a user-friendly website online with about 2,500 WordPress plugins and counting? If you haven't installed WordPress already, you are missing out.
Installing A Wordpress Blog
WordPress is an incredible piece of software program, and what's much more superb it's Open Source, which means it comes at a price of NOTHING!! And also you get the Source code too !!
Wordpress Vs Blogger
There is a conflict occurring within the blogosphere, and it has nothing to do with bloggers dissing one another on their respective web sites. The conflict is about the management of the blogosphere by a number of nice, many good, and tons of horrible running a blog platform. The common beginner now has "too many" choices to select from, and the battle for running blog supremacy is hotter than ever.
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One of the severe issues with any running a blog system, together with WordPress, is that the feedback space is largely open to that scourge of the Web, spammers. On this case, it is remark spam. Remark spam is created by individuals searching for to spice up their Google rankings by having numerous hyperlinks pointing to their very own web sites. This causes all kinds of issues:
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You can change the display name of your WordPress account, which shows on a WordPress post or comments without changing your WordPress username.
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If you are logged in into your WordPress admin account, you can easily change your password.
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If your WordPress plugin is not working correctly or you want to re-install it even when it is updated to its latest version, without losing data, you can do this without removing the plugin.
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If your plugin is not in use or you wish to deactivate it, you can do this from the WordPress admin dashboard. You can also delete deactivated plugins.